FIVE properties plagued by “high risk” antisocial behaviour were closed down in one week by council officers.

Colchester Borough Homes has been working to tackle the bad behaviour and reassure communities the area they live in is safe.

During one week, the housing team obtained five closure orders on properties from the courts.

All the properties were described as having a “detrimental impact” within the community.

To show action had been taken the antisocial behaviour team attached signs to the doors of the closed properties.

As part of its work the team, alongside Essex Police, support individuals who carry out antisocial behaviour by discussing the impact it is having on others.

Enforcement, such as issuing warning letters, community protection warnings and notices are then used to try to resolve any issues.

The impact of these measures on the community are assessed and if they are deemed ineffective, the final action is taken to close the houses and ask the residents to leave.

Gareth Mitchell, Colchester Borough Homes chief executive, said: “We continue to work with partners to tackle high risk antisocial behaviour in order to help make Colchester a safer place to live.

“While we will always work with perpetrators to try and change their behaviour, we won’t hesitate to fully or partially close a property if we believe there’s a risk to the community.”

Large boards, funded by the Safer Colchester partnership, are being attached to doors of properties where full closure orders, or eviction on the grounds of antisocial behaviour, have been obtained.

Council officers and the police have also been visiting communal blocks to further minimise the risk and deter bad behaviour.

If residents see a property with a ‘closed’ board attached and witness suspicious activity around that address, they are asked to report it to the antisocial behaviour team by calling 01206 282514 or email

If it’s an emergency, the public should contact the police.

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