WATER companies have issued an urgent warning to customers in Tendring and Colchester to save water due to a surge in demand possibly due to staycations during the hot weather.

Affinity Water said customers may be experiencing low pressure or no water when demand is high in their area.

Anglian Water has also urged people to restrict their water usage urgently to prevent low pressure and loss of water.

Both firms have warned people across Tendring and on Mersea Island and in Colchester not to water gardens, wash cars or fill paddling pools.

Affinity Water's spokesman said it has seen its greatest level of demand for water in its 130-year history.

She added: “Whether it is down to tourists coming from London, we can’t prove one way or another.

“It’s probably a combination of people coming to the beach and people staying at home during the lockdown and the amount of water being used going

“We need people to reduce demand urgently.

“We are asking people not to stockpile water but to use water sensibly.

“Don’t water the garden, wash cars or fill paddling pools.


“Do take a shorter shower, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, and wait until you have a full load before using your washing machine or dishwasher.”

Temperatures across north Essex topped 30C over the weekend.

It is expected that water pressure and supply will return to normal by Thursday.

Anglian Water urged customers in Colchester and Mersea Island to restrict their water usage urgently to prevent low pressure and loss of water.


The water company said it pumped an additional 20 per cent more water to Colchester and the surrounding villages over the weekend.

Paul Valleley, director of Water Services for Anglian Water, said: “We have seen unprecedented demand on our water supplies over the last few days and specifically in and around Colchester.

“Our teams are working tirelessly to keep taps running but our network is under a huge amount of pressure.

“Following a wet winter, there’s plenty of water in our boreholes and reservoirs but the challenge is getting it through the pipes quickly enough when everyone is asking for it at the same time.”