I DEFY anyone not to be outraged by the squeezebox scenes on our beaches, on the day new lockdown measures rightly came in against another pandemic rise.

After all the trials of the NHS - the emotional , physical and mental harm loved ones endured - I cannot find anything on my compass to justify fun-loving virus friends putting two fingers up to those of us who followed the rules for the good of all.

Before the virus deluge we were all comfortably numb, cocooned in our world.

Perhaps we should really start to say goodbye to that world as we knew it, and when I see wildlife habitats being bulldozed so a train can cut minutes off a journey, I’m not sure how much of it I’ll miss.

The shameless funsters on the beaches merely confirm fears of what the greed gene is capable of, when harvested by off-the-wall entitlement.

Collin Rossini

Main Road, Dovercourt