SELFISH flytippers returned to the scene of the crime twice in 24 hours to dump their waste...just after a council employee had cleaned the first lot up.

Colchester Council was alerted to a large flytip of rubbish in the pretty country lane of Sky Hall Hill, Boxted, on Monday.

The builder’s waste was tidied by a neighbourhood officer who managed to clear all by a small amount of the rubbish.

But to his disgust, he returned the next day to find even more had been deposited at exactly the same spot.

He was then forced to repeat the clean-up.

Colchester Council’s environment boss Martin Goss hit out at the people who felt it was an appropriate way to dispose of their unwanted rubbish and he urged anyone who saw any flytipping incidents to get in touch with his team immediately.

He said: “Flytipping is unpleasant, anti-social and a needless drain on the council’s resources.


“As well as a being an intolerable visual blight on our neighbourhoods flytipping can endanger wildlife and harm human health, but it is something the council cannot deal with on its own.

“We also need the public’s help and depend greatly on people disposing of their waste responsibly.


“Our neighbourhood teams do a tremendous job helping to monitor and maintain our borough as a clean and safe environment for everyone.

“Their work is made even more effective by the vigilance of residents alerting them to incidents.

“So, if anyone witnesses any fly-tipping in their area, they should report it to the relevant neighbourhood team, details of which can be found on the council’s website.

“I can assure everybody that the council will take tough action against anybody flytipping in our beautiful borough.”

To contact the council, go to

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