A FITNESS fanatic whose bootcamp was put on hold during the lockdown says it is exciting to be back after starting socially distanced sessions outdoors.

Sophie Reed, from Clacton, works as a personal trainer and deep tissue therapist for her own company, S R Fitness and Therapy, which she founded last year.

Back in January, the 21-year-old motivator, who is now living in Great Bentley, started up her own workout bootcamp in the village.

The sessions, which would include everything from cardio training to endurance circuits, were designed to benefit of all types of fitness abilities.

But within just two months of launching, the group’s momentum was stopped in its tracks as the coronavirus crisis started to severely impact day-to-day life.

For both Sophie and her clients, who were starting to make positive progress with their physical and mental health, this came as a major blow.

“I have been in the fitness industry for three years now but only started running my own bootcamp at the start of the year,” said Sophie.

“The group of clients I have are all so welcoming and supportive of each other and work together to reach their goals.

“But it was really hard for myself and my clients to be told that we could no longer continue with bootcamp.


“Exercise releases chemicals associated with feeling happy and confidence and it reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress.


“So, the lockdown has definitely made many people understand the importance of exercise, not just for physical appearance, but also for their mental health.”

After four long months, Sophie’s bootcamp has being given the green light to return and she is now leading socially distanced sessions on Great Bentley Green.


The safety of her clients remains of paramount importance so Sophie had put several precautionary measures in place to ensure her group can feel reassured.

“It has been challenging to create sessions that adhere to social distancing and to also reduce the risk of infection by not using certain equipment,” she added.

“I now ensure that all clients use hand sanitiser before the start of the session, and larger groups are split to ensure social distancing.”

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