A PARTIALLY blind man who has “put up with bullies his whole life” has been left with a horrid black eye and broken collar bone after being viciously assaulted.

Darren Tallowin, 43, of Coopers Lane, in Clacton, is said to have been attacked on Tuesday morning while walking near an alleyway next to the Oakwood Infant School.

The agency cleaner, who loves his job and works seven mornings a week, is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other, and wears glasses which help him see.

According to his horrified sister, Julia Tallowin, who is currently living in Colchester, her brother was set upon by two men for no reason.

“My brother has had to put up with bullies his whole life, and it seems like two men decided to bully my brother yesterday morning,” she said.

“They assaulted him, leaving him with a broken collar bone and breaking his glasses, so now he is totally blind without them.

“Darren can be over friendly sometimes and he is very gentle, and loves his job, but now he will have to tell his work that he has been assaulted.”

Julia is confident that the two men responsible for leaving her brother in such a state are local and she is determined to catch them.

“I haven’t been at my parent’s home since March, and my brother lives with them, so I just feel useless because I am not there to help them,” added Julia.

“I am so angry because they think they have gotten away with it, but I do not want them to get away with it because it is not fair on Darren.

“This time I want my brother to tell these bullies that they are not getting away with it, and I want that statement to come true.

“These people who did this need to be caught and I want their parents to see what their sons have done to my brother.”

Essex Police have been contacted for comment.