GOODBYE and good luck!

Year 6 pupils at Colchester’s North Primary School returned for one last day to say farewell before going to secondary school in September.

For many, it was the first time they had been at the school since the pandemic lockdown began four months ago.

Although most primary schools had been able to allow Year 6 pupils to return before the end of term, this was not possible for the two classes each of 30 pupils at North Primary School because the layout of the Victorian school made it impossible to have safe distancing of groups of ten pupils.

It would have required six classrooms and six teachers for the 60 pupils.

With pupils of key workers and younger age groups having priority with teaching places, Year 6 pupils had to continue being taught at home with lessons set by their teachers electronically.

On the last day of the summer term the 11-year-olds were invited to return to collect their belongings, say goodbye to their teachers, be receive a hoodie with the names of all 60 pupils on them and to have commemorative photographs.

The hellos and goodbyes took place on the play area to the rear of the school to comply with the pandemic lockdown regulations.