OUTRAGED residents have hit out at “inconsiderate” flytippers dumping their rubbish in residential roads.

The Bathside area of Harwich has suffered an increase in flytipping incidents in recent months which appeared to peak this week, despite the recent reopening of Dovercourt recycling centre.

Residents are claiming they are sick of people who are not taking responsibility of their waste.

Kirsty Adams, 24, of Fernlea Road, Harwich, said the situation has got so bad, she had to install CCTV to catch people who are littering outside her back gate.


The mum-of-two said: “It’s disgusting and I have kids who play in the garden.

“Once when I forgot my keys, we had to climb all over it to get to my gate and my kids hurt themselves.

“It’s disgusting and it smells a lot.

“I’ve been blamed for it, which is even worse as it’s not me who is doing it.”

Kirsty, who has a learning disorder, said she has reported the flytipping to Tendring Council, but claims she was told she needs to clean it herself as it is on private property.

Gazette: NO FLYTIPPING: Rubbish is left right underneath the signNO FLYTIPPING: Rubbish is left right underneath the sign

Resident Will Offord said a big pile of rubbish was left near his house behind Maria Street, in Harwich.

He added: “We have to hold our breath every time we leave our house.

“There’s flies everywhere and baby and animal waste is amongst the pile. We can’t keep having this every other week.”


Another resident, who wishes to stay anonymous, said a mound of rubbish was dumped down an alleyway at the back of Park Terrace and Park Road. He believes the pile of rubbish contains asbestos.

He added it was reported to Tendring Council.

Harwich councillor Geoff Smith said the situation is dreadful.


He added: “The coronavirus pandemic has clearly increased pressures on refuse disposal, but that cannot justify what is happening in Bathside.

“I have arranged to meet with a Tendring Council officer to show him the problem and I would ask residents to report any instances of flytipping they witness.

“We have to bring this back under control.”


Michael Talbot, Tendring Council’s councillor responsible for environment, said there was never an excuse for people to dump waste, especially now recycling centres have reopened.

“We absolutely condemn flytipping which places pressure both on private landowners and, where it happens on public land, on taxpayers,” he said.

“It has a horrible impact on communities and our environment.

“Where flytipping occurs on our land, we respond promptly to clear the waste, and where possible investigate further to find those responsible and take appropriate action.

“When waste is dumped on private land, it is the responsibility of the landowner to remove it, although if it causes a hazard to public health we may be able to take action.”

Mr Talbot added advice on how to safely store waste was available at loveessex.org.