IT'S been a worrying, unsettling time for the travel industry, given the restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus.

However, one established taxi firm has been doing its bit to keep people moving, making daily trips to our airports.

Colchester Airport Services, which started in 1985, claims to go the extra mile - literally - by offering a reliable service 24-7.

The firm was set up by Richard Sutton, 67, who unfortunately cannot drive anymore because he has multiple sclerosis.

However, he still oversees the Fingringhoe-based business with the help of son-in-law Chay Hammarton.

And even during the pandemic, Colchester Airport Services have soldiered on, ferrying people around and making regular trips to the likes of Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.

Mr Hammarton said: "We provide a first-class but very affordable, competitive airport and long-distance taxi service.

"We must be doing something right as we still have customers that have used us since the company started, way back in 1985.

"The best things about our business are our reliability and prices, which are still very reasonable, considering the cost of fuel, insurance, advertising and high council licensing fees.

"We have great reviews and never let our customers down.

"We work all sorts of hours and are open 24-7, no matter what time the customer lands or how delayed they may be.

"We go the extra mile for them by not charging for delays and never mind travelling at unsociable times.

"We worked through the pandemic, putting our own health at risk to get people home safely."

Mr Hammarton, who lives in Monkwick, says the firm use various local drivers on a self-employed commission basis.

He enjoys working with his father-in-law, who still oversees matters despite not being able to drive.

"Richard keeps the business running from his bedroom," said, the 33-year-old.

"He doesn't drive anymore as his illness forced him to give up his licence.

"I do all the driving but we work together and I assist him in terms of allocating work and so on.

"However, it's his hard work that has made us one of the busiest airport transfer services in Colchester."