A COUNCIL housing company has apologised after new signs were installed on a block of flats featuring a glaring spelling mistake.

Colchester Borough Homes replaced the signs on all of the blocks in Hawthorn Avenue, Greenstead, to denote the numbers of the flats inside each building.

However on one block the signs installed have acquired a superfluous e on the spelling of the road name.

Ward councillor Tim Young (Lab, Greenstead) raised the issue with Colchester Borough Homes after noticing the spelling mistake.

He said: "I have brought it to their attention. As someone who is a stickler for spelling, grammar and punctuation I am not amused."

A spokesman for Colchester Borough Homes apologised for the mistake and said it would be rectified quickly.

He said: "Whoops, we’re sorry for the spelling mistake and will be looking to put it right as soon as possible – as well as improving our proof-reading skills.”