I AM part of a group of 15 ordinary people who have been playing tennis at the Eudo Road tennis courts, in Shrub End, three times a week for many many years.

We are now all pensioners who have kept fit, healthy, sociable, and happy, thanks to the courts at Shrub End, which are beautifully maintained.

As they are municipally owned, the costs are reasonable, not like the private clubs!

There are now unconfirmed reports that property developers have their eye on all the hard and grass courts, which are also used by other local clubs, teenagers, parents and children.

With the playing fields, this area is a pleasant green space and very well used.

At a time when mental health, the importance of community, social isolation and the danger of obesity are so much in the news, it would surely be unkind and short sighted to sell them off.

The planned housing would not remotely help first-time buyers, the homeless or those living in poor accommodation, as only those who already own a nice house would be able to afford them.

I am told, though I have no proof, that Mr WC Harper, who owned the sports shop in Head Street many years ago and lived on Shrub End Road, bought the land and left it for the recreation of the people of Colchester.

Is this true, and if so, could Colchester Council “ride rough shot” over his wishes?

Please could the portfolio holder for sports and leisure, whoever he or she may be, reassure us through these columns that all these courts will remain our.

Julia Newhouse, Hamilton Road, Colchester