PETROLHEADS were in their element over the weekend when an assemble of flashy supercars pulled into an unsuspecting seaside town.

Members of the Driver’s Union’s Essex and Suffolk branch impressed shoppers, locals, and day-trippers alike on Sunday when they parked up in Frinton.

More than 30 eye-wateringly expensive cars attended the meet-up, including stunning Ferraris, McLarens, and Porches, alongside beautiful GTRs and Lamborghinis.

Residents marvelled at the collection of speedy four-wheelers, which drove through Connaught Avenue, before parking up along the seafront.

Locals, as well as those who travelled to the town to see the cars, even spoke with the owners about their prized petrol-run possessions, worth as much as £100,000.

Lorraine Staines, from Frinton, helped to organise the local part of the group’s day of driving across the county, after a similar event last month attracted interest.

“The guys came down in their cars last month, but nobody really knew about it,” she said.

“So, I spoke with them and then put it in a Frinton group on social media and it just went crazy.

“I then spoke with the council about it happening again and managed to get parking spaces reserved for them.

“It was a great day for Frinton, and the drivers were very happy with the huge turnout.

“The public loved it as well, especially the children, and it brought a lot of well overdue excitement and happiness to the town.”

Vincent Cheung, from Colchester, is part of the Driver’s Union and the McLaren Owners Club.

He attended the event in Frinton in his attractive, black McLaren 570S, which he has owned for three years.

“There was a great response from the locals and there was definitely a few hundred people who came to support us,” he said.

“The Driver’s Union is a nationwide club for drives and meets, but we are the Essex and Suffolk gang, and we have now been invited back to Frinton, which will be fun.”