THE grieving family of a teenager who took his own life say they are determined to help other people who are struggling with mental health issues and make their community safer.

Kayden Cantlow died last week after being hit by a train. He was just 14.

The tragic incident happened just days away from the first anniversary of his mother Michelle’s death from cancer.

Kayden was struck on the railway line near an overpass in Colchester.


  • Kayden Cantlow

His brother Francis, 17, said: “It was him just wanting to be with his mum again.

“He was always a mummy’s boy.

“We have spoken to people at The Gilberd School where he went and they have said every bit of footage they have of him, he is grinning and laughing with all his friends.

“He was not being bullied or anything like that - it was nothing from the outside.

“He was quiet but popular.

“He always had a smile on his face.”

Dad Vinny, 49, said they had no inkling anything was wrong last Wednesday before Kayden died and that he had even posted a letter for him as a favour.

“He was a quiet lad but he always had a smile,” he said.

Francis has now started a campaign to make the area around the bridge more secure and stop it being so easy for people to access the railway line.


Mum - Michelle Cantlow died last year

His petition asking for improvements as already gained more than 2,000 signatures.

Their hashtag set up by sister Sapphire, 15, #KaydensWorld has also been used across social media.

Two memorials have been set up with flowers left at the bottom of the bridge and dozens of messages written on it from wellwishers after friends and family scrubbed graffiti away to make room.

The family are also planning to install a large board on the bridge with contact details for the Samaritan’s to try to help other people who might be feeling low.


Francis said: “I also want to make it normal for people to talk about their mental health.

“Men especially find it difficult and tend to bottle it up.

“That is what happened with Kayden.

“If you keep things bottled up then eventually it will explode.

“You can’t keep putting things into an already full bottle.”

Francis has already been in touch with councillors about the safety issue and is determined to talk about mental health issues in primary schools once they reopen.


The family are determined to keep the area around the bridge as a memorial and are planning to install benches dedicated to Kayden and Michelle.

Vinny, of Wilson Marriage Road, Colchester, added: “Us sitting around moping is just not going to help anyone.

“There should be a cage or something on top of the bridge - it would be much safer.

“If we can get some awareness out there and help even one person then it will be worth it.

“If one person is feeling low and sees a number of someone they can talk then we have made a difference.

“It is what Kayden would have wanted.

“He was always so kind and helpful.”

The Liverpool fan, was given six middle names because he was the youngest of six children meaning his full name was Kayden Lewis Marshall Xander Vincent Anfield Zachary Cantlow.

He had plans to make a career out of his skill at pottery.

Francis added: “He was so creative and good with his hands.

“He could make such good things from scratch.”

To sign the petition for improvements to the bridge click HERE.

  •  Anyone who is feeling low or needs help can call the Samaritans at any time on 116 123.