Timely arrival - Zak Richard Danny Price arrived after a long labour on April 30, weighing 8lb 8oz

INTRODUCING our latest selection of newborn beauties.

The little rays of sunshine below have all been born in recent weeks, bringing joy and happiness to families across Colchester, Tendring and north Essex.

As you can see from our pictures, they are little angels and we send our thanks and congratulations to the proud parents who made contact.

If you’ve just welcomed a little one into your life, feel free to get in touch.

Send us some details about your baby, plus a couple of pictures, and then keep checking the paper and Gazette website.

We’ll do our very best to print as many as possible.

Eloise Mae Nicholson


Little angel - Craig and Rebecca Nicholson are delighted to announce the arrival of Eloise Mae Nicholson, born on July 9

George Lewis Nuth


Bundle of joy - George Lewis Nuth was not due until August 2. However, he made a very early appearance at Colchester Hospital on May 27, weighing 8lb 3oz

Harrison Lett


Early bird - Harrison Lett, pictured here with proud big brother Joshua, arrived five days early at Broomfield Hospital on July 4. He weighed 7lb 1oz

James Richard Robert Nicholls


One to treasure - this is the first picture of little James Richard Robert Nicholls, born on March 25, weighing 5lb 9oz

Lucas Jordan Smith


Sleeping beauty - little Lucas Jordan Smith was born on June 7 and weighed 7lb 1loz

Polly Primrose Gill


Pretty in pink - Polly Primrose Gill made a very speedy arrival on July 3, weighing 7lb 6oz. She is pictured here with fabulous big sister Dolcie

Tommy Arthur Welham


Thumb-sucker - Tommy Arthur Welham arrived ten days early, after a stressful and difficult pregnancy. He weighed 6lb 8oz