WHEN it comes to the traffic measures that have been put in place around the town, Essex County Council highways, together with Colchester Borough Council seem to be adopting an ad hoc approach of, “let’s try if this will work”, that is void of any joined up planning and thinking.

It’s a policy that does not stand up to any scrutiny, and can be shot down in flames with reasoned argument.

Let me highlight one such area “carbon alley”, better known as St John’s Street, a much more serious risk to health from diesel exhaust fumes than the High Street I would argue.

It seems the council agreed and put in place some measures to alleviate the problem, it changed the bus routes so many did not have to stop in St John’s Street.

The next stop after the Gala Bingo was the old Odeon. Some elderly people complained, but this was dismissed as the health issues were far more important.

This alleviated the perceived problem as buses that were not due to stop simply overtook the stationery ones Enter the new road layouts, a dictate from Chelmsford that made St John’s Street one way, one single lane where all buses that don’t need to stop are left queuing and idling, their fumes making the street more dangerous and unhealthy than ever, I would argue.

Just one bus at a time can load passengers, whilst the rest are waiting to get to their stop or to pass through. That’s together with all other vehicles that need to use the street.

I am beginning to wonder of the calibre of people in these public sector jobs that make these decisions.

D Chapman

Straight Road, Colchester