MORE than a dozen people were involved in a mass town centre brawl.

The fight, which was captured on video and shared online, is believed to have happened on Saturday night.

Footage shows several people throwing punches and being dragged to the ground at the junction of St Botolph’s Street and Priory Street in Colchester town centre.

It is understood Essex Police were called to the area on several occasions late on Saturday and early on Sunday morning.

Mike Lilley, who is Colchester Council’s public safety portfolio holder, said he was disgusted to see the footage.

“The council has launched an investigation and we have made sure the police are informed as well,” he said.

“I just don’t understand why people would do it?

“This is definitely not a regular occurrence - not something which happens on a nightly or weekly basis.

“It is a throwback to 30 or 40 years ago.

“It is so disappointing for the pubs, bars and restaurants to be closed for so many months and to come back to this.

“All licensed premises have a responsibility for people both when they are inside and outside of their venues.

“If we find they have come from a certain place we will evaluate whether there is a need to take action.”

Yesterday, The Gazette revealed there had been issues with social distancing measures outside The Playhouse in St John’s Street with people cramming around the entrance as they waited to get in.

But Mr Lilley said the St Botolph’s Street incident was much more serious.

“It is really beyond the pale,” he said.

“People throwing punches at each other and scrapping in the street is disgraceful.

“It is certainly not what we want to be seeing in Colchester.

“I had thought the reopening was going well, however, with the issues are have seen arising it may not entirely be the case.”