MORE than 100 people are expected to attend a peaceful protest to voice their opposition to “horrendous” housing plans.

Campaigners have organised the event, which will take place along Low Road, Dovercourt, on Saturday, from 11am.

KLH Architects originally submitted an application for a chalet park on the land west of Don Thomson House Residential Care Home, in Low Road, Dovercourt last year but the application was withdrawn.

It has included plans for a mini market with a pharmacy and post office inside, a family pub and a restaurant.

Now the application has been resubmitted to Tendring Council for a chalet park including new access road, family pub and restaurant.

Janet Boxall, 77, of Musgrave Close, Dovercourt, said people in the area were against the plans.

She said: “It’s awful because we worked hard last year to stop it. We had a meeting of residents and even collected about 300 signatures to oppose these absolutely horrendous plans, so people are now upset.

“The whole town is affected. The infrastructure is not adequate, there’s no amenities, GPs can’t take anyone and the schools are already packed.

“Everyone is asking why they are doing this, it’s quite unsettling.

“People who live in this area are elderly or retired, and like me, we moved here 25 years ago for peace and quiet and it’s not going to happen.”

Mrs Boxall added: “I can’t believe they are trying to do it again; they resubmitted the application in just a matter of months.”

Another resident, of Frobisher Road, Dovercourt, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I’m concerned they are going to build on a floodplain, which means on high tide the water would collect there as it’s right next to Hamford Water and next to the sea defence.”

Plans were approved last year to build 300 homes on land off Low Road.

KLH Architects Ltd has been contacted for a comment but did not respond at the time of going to press.