FLYTIPPERS have been branded as “idiots” by one angry resident after dumping a large haul of waste...including letters featuring their names and home addresses.

Lucy Harvey, from Great Bentley, was left infuriated after finding bags of disregarded rubbish scattered along a section of Dial Road, in Aingers Green.

Everything from photo frames and planks of wood, to plastic and bits of cardboard, was found ditched on the side of the country lane.

To both her surprise and delight, however, Ms Harvey also found several letters and statements within the piles of litter, addressed to the person who she believes could be the flytipping culprits.

“I just cannot believe that this is still happening and these people ought to be ashamed,” she said.

“But for them to leave their names and addresses on everything, that is just pure stupidity.

“They are idiots and I have made sure I have reported them and the mess to the relevant authorities.”

The flytipped mess comes just a couple of months after Aingers Green was found to have been targeted previously, after a farm owner discovered a large mattress and damaged pedal bikes dumped.

On that occasion, it is unknown whether or not Tendring Council was able hold anyone accountable, but this time, however, thanks to Ms Harvey’s eagle-eye, the authority is in a position to act.

A Tendring Council spokesman said the suspected flytippers will be paid a visit as part of an investigation into the incident.

“We always respond promptly to reports of flytipping on public land, and take steps to identify who is responsible before arranging for a clear up,” he said.

“We deplore any flytipping, which comes at a huge cost to both the public purse to clear up and to the communities who face it.

“We would remind people it is a crime not to care and it is your responsibility to ensure any contractor who takes away waste for you is properly licensed, otherwis