IT speaks volumes for a business when it becomes a focal point and marker in its town.

However, that is very much the case with long-established Clacton hardware store Burtcart and Lewellens.

People by the coast widely use the term 'Burtcart Corner', referring to the location of the premises on the corner of Old Road and London Road.

And that term of endearment is well-deserved, given the business' longevity and reputation.

Richard Allwright runs the business and it is something close to his heart.

Dad Ronnie bought it 35 years ago from Charles and Ken Burcart, who got the ball rolling in 1922.

In 1990, Ronnie Allwright bought Lewellens, another well-established hardware and household store in West Avenue, Clacton.

Ronnie and Richard ran the two shops separately, then later merged them together under one roof, adding a greater selection of goods.

"I started as a Saturday boy," said Richard Allwright, who employs five members of staff and also runs the late-riser carboot sale in London Road, Clacton.

"Then when I left school, I became full-time and have worked here for nearly 35 years.

"We're still an old-fashioned business with old-fashioned service and values.

"Local people even refer to the shop as Burcart Corner, because it is so well-known.

"We offer ironmongery, hardware, housewares, solid fuel, gas and just about everything else a home or tradesman could need.

"We're far more than just a shop and pride ourselves on being able to offer a more personable service and a great deal of knowledge, not to mention a vast range of solutions and helpful advice.

"You can buy just one screw if you want and we sell most things loose, not in packets.

"We've got our own car park, which helps no end, and we also deliver gas, fuel and other goods to people who cant get to our shop.

"We do our best to stock most things and if we haven't got it, we can usually get it within a day or so.

"Home delivery is also available."