A COFFEE shop at Colchester Zoo suffered extensive damage after an accidental fire behind the serving counter.

Fire crews from Colchester and Tiptree were called to the attraction in Maldon Road, Stanway, just before 6.30pm on Tuesday.

They worked hard to put out the flames and clear the building of smoke within 45 minutes.

Watch manager Peter Donovan praised staff for their response to the incident.

He said: "As soon as we arrived, firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went into the smoke filled shop to tackle the fire. Fire crews managed to get the fire under control quickly, but unfortunately the coffee shop has suffered extensive damage.

"The on-site staff did a fantastic job at raising the alarm, and due to it's location, came and met us at the entrance so they could lead us to the building."


  • The coffee shop has been closed to the public 

The cause of the fire was found to be accidental.

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