AN angry couple have been slapped with a parking fine after a brazen thief stole their car before driving it erratically around a town and then abandoning it in a taxi bay.

Sheridan Evans and her husband, David, have lived together in Frinton for 11 years, but originally grew-up in Clacton.

On Sunday, just before 11am, Mr Evans decided to take a short trip to nearby Walton in order to do some shopping.

After parking up, Mr Evans left his car with the keys still inside in order to quickly pop into a shop for what his wife says was no longer than two minutes.

But by the time he had returned, his beloved black Honda was gone.

Shortly after the car had been snatched, friends of the couple told Mr and Mrs Evans that they had seen the vehicle being driven in a dangerous manner in the area.

Another man even told the couple he saw it being driven the wrong way down a road.

“It was seen being driven very fast down Mill Lane and racing along to Kirby Road,” said Mrs Evans.

“It was seen by someone who lives in Mill Lane and who happens to know my husband.

“And that is why he thought the driving was strange, because, if there is one thing my husband doesn’t do, it is race that car.”

Mrs Evans’ strong opinion of the person, or people, responsible for the theft of the car is unprintable.

And she said not having the car was a major inconvenience as its spacious interior makes it easy for the couple transport large items.

Thankfully, however, the car has now been found after Mr and Mrs Evans’ neighbours told them they had seen it parked in a taxi bay near a Tesco shop in Portobello Road.

“On the way to Walton we passed a policewoman and asked her to come with us, just in case of any problems, and she was happy to do so,” added Mrs Evans.

“On arrival we discovered that the car was parked in the taxi rank, but we were unable to get inside because it was locked.

“We could see that the outboard motor and fuel had gone, and probably the tools as well, and it also had a parking ticket on it.”

The car has now been taken away by police and is being checked for evidence in a bid to trace the thieves.

Anyone with information should call Essex Police on 101.