HUNDREDS of eye-wateringly expensive supercars pulled into a seaside town over the weekend, much to the delight of local petrolheads and even shoppers.

Drivers from the Essex-based McLaren Owners Club descended on Frinton on Sunday afternoon as they concluded a day of touring all-round the county.

Starting in Bishops Stortford, the assemble of stunning vehicles travelled through Essex before parking up in the coastal town and lapping up residents’ admiration.

The flashy and pricey vehicles, many of which cost more than £100,000, were draped in eye-catching colours, and were hard to miss when parked up along the promenade.

Vincent Cheung, from Colchester, is a McLaren enthusiast and has owned his 570S for nearly three years.

He said the meet-up in Frinton proved popular with locals, and the vast collection of attention-grabbing cars was a special sight to witness.

“The local people were lovely and friendly, and it was really nice to see people appreciate the cars,” he said.

“A lot of them were making conversation with the owners and I spoke to a lovely lady whose son worked at McLaren, so she was taking photos and sending them to him.

“For the few hours we were there, there was easily more than one hundred cars, which was impressive to see.”

Mr Cheung’s beautiful black McLaren, the design of which was unveiled in 2015, is first one he has owned, but says he has always appreciated the sportscar juggernaut.

He believes the McLaren’s ability to generate conversation and attract interest, like it did in Frinton, stems from its rich British history.

“I just love the brand and I feel so connected to the car, and the owners of other McLaren’s are generally very friendly,” he added.

“I think people in the UK have more of an affinity to the brand, as they are made here, so that is why they are always a talking point.”

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