I am writing about the article (“Red lines to tackle parking outside schools”) which refers to “new rules mean councils can now use the lines to help tackle the problem”.

Replacing present school yellow zig zag parking and stopping restrictions, that apply when pupils are at risk, upon arrival and departure for circa two, onehour slots Monday to Friday, by double red lines that apply ALL day, EVERY day, adds no benefit without enforcement.

Therefore enforce the present yellow zig zag restriction for two hours a day and do not penalise more local residents all day every day.

My understanding is the issue is due to vehicles delivering and collecting pupils, not local residents who have to avoid parking their vehicles, and avoiding deliveries, outside their house, where zig zags have been painted, for two hours a day.

Enforcing these restrictions for two hours a day is less expensive than enforcing double red lines all day every day. Thus I see no benefit for red lines over present yellow zig zags in residential school roads.

Name and address withheld