“MINDLESS and reckless” vandals sank bottles of wine as they set about destroying a nursery.

Devastated staff at Nanna’s Day Nurseries were alerted there had been a break-in at the site in Hawthron Avenue, Colchester, on Monday night.

They arrived to find the baby room and garden had been completely ransacked.

The yobs had smashed windows, trashed planters, raided cupboards and even hurled eggs at the windows.

Wine bottles were also found strewn around the outside area.

Staff were forced to close the affected areas but still opened for youngsters yesterday, using other areas of the site.


A spokesman for the nursery said they were heartbroken to see what had happened having worked so hard to reopen amid the coronavirus breakout.

“When we arrived we were devastated by the damage caused to our beautiful baby room and garden. Such a mindless and reckless thing to do,” he said.

“Our dedicated team work tirelessly to provide beautiful, safe and stimulating environments in our nurseries and to see this ruined is simply heartbreaking.

“Windows were even egged with the cooking ingredients we purchased for this week.

“We are all in the childcare profession because we genuinely care about our children and their families and making a difference, raising the next generation of a respectful society.

“We have been on this site in Colchester for 16 years and despite increased security, this is sadly the third time we have been broken into and vandalised in three years.

“All of this at a time when many local nurseries are closing due to the knock on affect of the Covid-19 crisis and others are struggling to survive.

“We will pick ourselves up, wipe our tears and continue on, we will not be defeated or stopped from being there for our children and their families.”

CCTV has been passed to Essex Police.

Anyone with information should call 101.