A CARING son who has been making daily trips to comfort his grieving mum following the death of his dad has had his only form of transport stolen.

Paul Elliott, 49, of Constable Avenue, Clacton, works as the breakfast chef at the Royal Hotel, in Marine Parade East.

Earlier this month, Mr Elliot’s world was turned upside down after his dad, Robert Elliott, 72, died in hospital.

Ten days, prior, the beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle and brother had been involved in a collision with a silver Focus Ghia while out cycling in Holland-on-Sea.

Since then, Mr Elliott has been using his £1,000 motorbike to frequently visit his mum, in Park Boulevard, to keep her company.

He has also been using his black two-wheeler to regularly run errands for her like picking up her shopping so she doesn’t have to.

But the regularity of which Mr Elliot can now see and care for his mum has slumped after heartless crooks snatched his only form of transport from right under his nose.

“I made sure it was alarmed and I parked it outside my bedroom window and left my windows wide open,” he said.

“I didn’t hear anything at all and then I came out the shower and it was gone.

“I was really upset because it is the only transport I have to go and see my mum and make sure she is all right.

“She hasn’t taken my dad’s death well and she hasn’t left the house since it happened - she’s finding it difficult.”

Since the theft, Mr Elliot has had to walk to his mum’s house instead, which is a two hour round trip.

Due to the costs of the funeral, and the fact he has only just returned to work, Mr Elliot says it will be a while before he can afford to replace his motorbike.

“These people don’t know what I am going through and it is very low to steal anything especially in the times,” he added.

“We are living in a time where people are struggling for money and losing their jobs, so it is disgusting for people to do something like this.”