WE are afraid, my wife is 70 with a heart condition, and I’m 73.

We have abided by the lockdown rules, not totally though, my wife has gone out for the occasional exercise walk, while I have every day had my walk to the shop to get papers for my neighbour and myself, plus groceries - that’s all.

After the easing and shops being allowed to open, we decided to go to town.

My wife’s first true outing since the lockdown started.

When we got back home, she said never again.

When we saw the pictures of those idiots on our beaches, the idiots in Liverpool and in London not social distancing and in our own town, it is frightening at what is going to happen.

I was looking forward to my pub re-opening, but my wife is urging me not to go just in case I meet up with one of these anti-social idiots.

I am more afraid now than when the restrictions were in place.

David Cole

Prettygate, Colchester