BEACH-GOERS have been slammed for urinating against a popular seafront cafe - with owners threatening to take footage to council bosses.

Owners of The Bay Cafe, Canvey, are losing patience with people using the area behind their building on Western Esplanade as a last-resort toilet during last week’s heatwave.

The cafe has CCTV and footage may be passed to the council.

Sophie Howard, manager at The Bay Cafe, said: “It’s not very nice to see kids, adults and families urinating behind the back of the building.

“It’s always been a problem, but with the sun coming out and the beaches being so busy at the moment it’s now a regular thing.

“We leave our toilets open for people to use, but they sometimes do get extremely busy.

“Mum, who owns the cafe, then has to try and clear the mess up, but the smell has got so bad. It’s worse when it’s hot out.

“We are always praised on how clean our cafe and toilets are - mum actually walks around outside with a bin and is constantly litter picking to keep it nice and tidy. She even does the car park next to us too, so it’s a shame this is happening when we put so much effort into monitoring it.”

Owners suspect the back of the building is being used because the nearest open toilet is further down the seafront.

Sophie continued: “I think it could be happening where the toilets nearest to us aren’t yet open and there isn’t any more until you get round by the amusements which is quite a walk away. This shouldn’t mean people can use the back of our building, they are just urinating where they can.

“Wait in the five minute queue or walk round to the other toilet if ours is full. If this persists, we will hand video footage to the council.”

A spokesman from Castle Point Council, said: “The temporary toilets at Thorney Bay remain closed as they do not have a water supply for hand washing which is essential to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

“When the toilets were first installed sanitiser dispensers were provided, but unfortunately they kept being removed even before the outbreak, so we had no choice but to stop replacing them.” The council said it will work with the cafe