AN author has urged other people with dyslexia not to let it hold them back after his debut novel was published.

James Huntington, 29, has penned WIFI – Wizarding Information For Invoking which is now on sale in top book sellers including Amazon and Waterstones.

The story is set in a world where technology is run by powerful magic and took three years to complete.

James was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was at Thomas, Lord Audley School in Colchester, but still excelled in English and has always loved being creative.

“English was the one subject I did well in at school,” he said.

“I got an A at GCSE and then went to Colchester Institute and did performing arts and film studies,” he said.

“I realised then that it wasn’t performing I was passion about - it was script writing and things like that.

“From there I went to Middlesex University and studied creative writing.

“I have written a few different stories and this one just felt like the one which worked best.

“It has taken a long time from when I first started.”

James, of Albion Grove, Colchester, called for others with dyslexia to persevere.

“It was not until secondary school that people realised I was dyslexic,” he said.

“I was always really creative but I would write letters backwards and things like that,” he said.

“But I was always coming up with ideas and being creative.

“It has taken me a lot of work, and editing the book was by far the hardest part for me.

“There is lots of support out there for people, there are websites which can check your grammar and tutorials online which are easy to understand.”

The coronavirus lockdown has stopped James from doing any traditional promotion, but he has done a series of digital events to try to entice readers.

“In some ways, it has worked well because the book is based on technology so it has tied in,” he said.

“But now things are getting a bit back to normal I want to go and speak to independent bookshops and see if they will stock it.

“In time, I would love to go into schools and speak to students.”