VIDEO footage has emerged of a day tripper attempting to run away from police officers following a sea rescue before being wrestled to the ground.

Clacton’s beach patrol team was called into action on Wednesday evening following reports that a man - who is believed to have been intoxicated - had entered the sea before getting into difficulty.

In footage seen by the Gazette, a man is captured walking out of the water alongside members of the quick-thinking rescue crew.

As he reaches the beach, he is confronted by a police officer, who seems to then try to speak with him.


But after shrugging him off, the man appears to try to escape by running towards the promenade.

After a short pursuit, he is tripped over and wrestled to the ground by both police officers and members of the beach patrol team.

As eyewitnesses looked on, many of whom had travelled to the area to enjoy the day’s scorching 29C weather, audible shouting and swearing is heard.


Tendring Council, the authority in charge of the beach patrol team, has now reminded beachgoers of the dangers of consuming alcohol while near seawater.

“The sea and alcohol do not mix,” said a spokesman for Tendring Council.

“Alcohol is a contributory factor in a significant number of coastal drownings every year.

“It is not advisable to set to sea if you have been or are drinking alcohol as it will impair your judgement and you will be more likely to make mistakes, which at sea could be life threatening. “

The Gazette contacted Essex Police for comment but it did not respond at the time of going to press.