RED lines could be painted outside schools in a bid to crackdown on parking problems.

Schools across north Essex have reported problems at pick-up and drop-off times.

In some areas the issue is so bad it has descended into arguments, including swearing at school staff.

New rules mean councils can now use the lines to help tackle the problem.

Red routes, which are marked by double red lines, were first introduced in London more than ten years ago.

They ban drivers from parking dangerously on the road, verges and in lay-bys, and prohibit stopping, loading or unloading, and getting out of or into vehicles.

The red lines can be used in addition to yellow lines and school keep clear zigzags.

A report set to go before the North Essex Parking Partnership said: “Double red lines can also replace school keep clear zigzags as they carry the same meaning, without requiring so much maintenance or signage, and can be used in longer lengths than the ‘School keep clear’ markings.”

Earlier this year the parking partnership agreed plans to spend up to £80,000 on a 12 month trial of four fixed cameras to target bad parking outside schools.

The report said it was “likely” the fixed CCTV project would “include red route in the package of supporting measures.”

The North Essex Parking Partnership has also used the red lines to tackle bad parking in Old Ipswich Road, in Ardleigh, after drivers were accused of dangerous parking.

A temporary red route was also introduced in Broman’s Lane, Mersea, after an increase in poor parking during lockdown.