A SHOP was forced to close after a burst pipe damaged its fuse box.

Firefighters were called to fashion brand White Stuff in Colchester High Street on Saturday after water started running at the back of the shop.

The leak damaged a fuse box meaning staff had to shut for a short period.

They were able to open again on Sunday.

A spokesman for White Stuff said: “We are pleased to say our shop is open as usual.

“We did have to close our shop at roughly 1.20pm on Saturday, due to a constant stream of water running at the rear of our premises, causing our shop electrics to trip.

“The problem was not in the White Stuff shop.

“The fire brigade identified the source of the issue - the water pipes in the shared walkway between our shop and a few others were damaged. It is now with the landlord to resolve.

“Thankfully we only required minimal lighting repairs and the shop was fine to trade on Sunday as there was no damage to stock.”

A spokesman for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews were called to a shop in Colchester High Street after a burst pipe within the ceiling split, causing water to pour onto a fuse box.

“Firefighters worked to isolate the water while the electricity board isolated the power. By 3.45pm crews confirmed the flooding had completely stopped and the area was safe.”