A REISDENT has urged vulnerable people to remain vigilant after two men attempted to break-in to her home while she and her elderly parents were asleep.

Tina Ball, 53, lives in Beaumont Close, Walton, having moved to the area from London roughly three years ago in search of a safer neighbourhood.

But during the early hours of Tuesday morning, the mother of one was on the receiving end of the very type of criminality she was trying to escape from.

While her and her parents slept, two men were spotted by a concerned neighbour trying to gain access to her home via the backdoor.

Apparently, the pair of crooks had also been seen attempting to break-in to numerous cars located in the street, as well as walking into other residents’ gardens.

After a short while, the two men gave-up, before making off with a bicycle, which was later found dumped in a nearby alleyway alongside several others.

Somewhat eerily, Miss Ball only realised she could have been the victim of a home break-in when police knocked on her door at about 4am to inform her.

“I feared the worst when they woke me up and told me to answer the door, because I have a son,” she said.

“But it turns out my neighbour had called the police about two men who were trying to get into each and every house and car, before trying my back door.

“It is definitely unnerving and creepy and hard to explain how it feels, but last night I was worried that I might have forgotten to lock the door properly.

“Now I am double checking everything, which I have never done before, and we have now bought some security systems to be in as well.

“It is worrying because they did try to get into our house.”

Miss Ball is now pleading with people in Walton, especially the older members of the community, to remain vigilant and ensure they are protected and safe.

“We have a lot of older people living around here, so people need to be aware because these men could still be about,” she added.

“My elderly parents are a bit unnerved by it all, because it could end up being worse for pensioners if they strike again, which is concerning.”

Essex Police have been contacted for comment.