FOR the first time in months, the news headlines were not dominated by the coronavirus outbreak - but instead by the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

His death, captured on video, has led to the sacking of four police officers and the charge of second degree murder against Derek Chauvin. The other three officers also face counts of aiding and abetting murder.

Mr Floyd’s death has sparked days of racism protests across the US with the slogan Black Lives Matter.

Sectors of American society have also been outraged by President Trump’s unconciliatory and inflammatory language.

Back in the UK, and the new normal of life in the Covid-19 pandemic has begun. School children in Reception and Years 1 and 6 returned to the classroom following social distancing guidances although figures have shown across England about 40 per cent of schools have decided against admitting more pupils contrary to government expectations.

MPs voted to return to the House of Commons although it saw them having to queue at a safe distance to vote leading to queues snaking about Parliament.

Debate continues over the introduction from Monday of the 14-day quarantine for most travellers coming into the UK with many airlines and tourism representatives saying it will be the death knell for their industries.