The amount of extra water being used during the lockdown is the equivalent of every customer drinking EIGHTY extra cups of tea per day.

Anglian Water says the weather throughout May - which was one of the driest springs on record - saw an extra 200 million litres of water pumped into homes across the east.

The increase also equates to every single customer taking an extra four-minute shower a day.

It is similar to the levels reached during the middle of the 2018 summer heatwave.

The company has asked customers to be wise with how they use water in the coming weeks and months.

Director of water services, Paul Valleley said: “Since lockdown began, we have seen an increase in the demand for water as people wash their hands more, stay hydrated and use more for DIY in their homes and gardens.

“On average water use has risen by between 5 and 10 per cent since lockdown began, but we’ve seen peaks of up to 20 per cent which is unprecedented for this time of year.”

Mr Valleley said while supplies were in a good position people should try and save water as much as possible.

“If everyone draws on that supply at the same time, we could see water pressures dip, meaning it can’t flow from the taps so freely,” he said.

“The cooler temperatures forecast later this week will give our reserves some reprieve, but we need help from our customers to continually manage their usage while we’re all still at home.

“That’s why we’re asking people to use the water they need to stay hydrated and healthy, but please think carefully about discretionary use and reuse water wherever possible, to help us keep taps running this summer.”

How to save water: If you can’t save the paddling pool for another day, make sure you use the water on the garden before reaching for the hose.

Use your bath or washing up water to top up your water butt to use on your plants.

Collect water in a bucket from when you first turn the shower and you’re waiting for it to warm up, use this to water plants, flowers and hanging baskets; Give the car wash a miss – a dusty car means you’re doing your bit for the environment Learn to love your brown lawn. Turn off the sprinkler, the grass will soon bounce back when it rains.

Knocking just one minute off your shower can save around 10 litres of water