IT was interesting to read Will Quince’s statement about the behaviour of Dominic Cummins and his now notorious visit to Barnard Castle (Gazette, May 27, “MP Will defends Cummings”).

In Mr Quince’s reply to my email to him, requesting him to demand Cummings’ sacking, he included much of what is in his statement to you but additionally he states: “To be absolutely clear, I have full confidence in our Prime Minister and stand by him.

I understand that some of you may have further questions but, having set out my thoughts on this matter, I regret that I will not be responding further.”

Or in other words “why don’t you just shut up, move on and get a life – don’t you know I have a ministerial career to pursue and I am certainly not going to upset my boss over this issue?”

Jonathan Pearsall

Maldon Road, Colchester