Zookeepers have shared their joy after welcoming three bush dog pups.

Mum Nina and dad Nico welcomed the adorable new arrivals last month.

It is the fourth litter for the pair during their time at Colchester Zoo.

A zoo spokesman said: "During the first few weeks the cubs were not seen by the team as they stayed safely tucked away, with experienced parents, Nina and dad Nico looking after them.


"Since being born they have continued to grow in size and confidence and the team have recently been to health check the three new arrivals."

The three pups have seven older siblings at the zoo.

The pups are yet to be named but it is likely the names will begin with ‘R’.

Their parents have names beginning with N and their siblings with O, P and Q.

People are being asked to get in touch with your ‘R’ name suggestions.

The spokesman added: "We’re looking for both male and female names as we are uncertain of their genders at the moment.

"The birth of the pups is extremely important to Colchester Zoo and the breeding programme as this species is currently Classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List.

"Threats to Bush dogs include loss of habitat for farming, loss of prey species and an increase in diseases affecting canines."

The species is native to Central and South America.