DOUBLE red lines are being installed to tackle ongoing on-street parking issues in Ardleigh.

North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) is installing a new Traffic Regulation Order to tackle on-street parking problems in and around Old Ipswich Road.

It is hoped the new measures will improve road safety and prevent dangerous obstruction of roads including Ipswich Road, Old Ipswich Road, Turnpike Close caused by problematic parking.

The order is the second permanent red route marked with double red lines in Tendring - and third in north Essex.

The restriction will begin to be enforced from June 15.

Red routes were first introduced in London more than a decade ago and have a tougher, zero-tolerance approach to traffic violations.

The red route is being installed to stop drivers from parking dangerously on the road and verges, and prohibits stopping, loading, or unloading, and boarding or alighting from a vehicle.

Tendring Council requested the red lines to be installed in Ardleigh.

NEPP, which manages on-street parking in the area, has actioned this order on the council’s behalf.

Councillor Robert Mitchell, deputy cabinet member for highways at Essex County Council and chairman of the NEPP, said: “We understand this may be a frustrating decision for those who find parking on the road convenient, but it’s important we do all we can to protect our communities and the residents of Ardleigh, whilst keeping the roads safe and clear for all road users.

Neil Stock, leader of Tendring Council and ward councillor for Ardleigh, said: “We requested this scheme after feedback from the parish council and residents who were concerned about safety.

“By keeping the road clear it allows improved visibility for drivers when making turns which helps to keep everyone safe.”

The signs and red lining for the route were installed on May 18.