BROKEN glass, empty beer bottles, and even raw meat were left behind in amenity areas.

Volunteers from the Ramsey War Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground group, were left disappointed to find litter scattered over Ramsey War Memorial Recreation Ground in Wix Road, Ramsey, for the third time in eight days.

Suzanne Howe, a trustee of the group, described the litter as disgraceful and said it was getting beyond a joke.

She said: “The group is a charity run by volunteers who have worked tirelessly to provide the facilities in the first place.

“Treat them with respect and have the common decency to pick your rubbish up and put it in the bin provided, or better still take it home and recycle it responsibly.

“Leaving broken glass in an area where people walk dogs and young children go to exercise is disgusting and incredibly dangerous.

“Parents, if your young people are heading out regularly, please check where they are going and how many people they are with and maybe give them a bin bag too.”

Another volunteer, who asked not to be named, said: “Idiots had a barbecue and left raw meat and broken beer bottles behind, just so your dog could walk over there and face the vets and costs.”

Waste was also left behind in Cliff Park, Dovercourt.

Dale Cheeseman, manager of the Park Pavilion, in Barrack Lane, Harwich, said: “It’s appalling. There’s five bins in the park, so they could have used them.

“But they left behind empty bottles of vodka, a mixer, juice bottles, a blanket. This is just laziness.”

A Tendring Council spokesman said it was always disappointing when members of the community did not respect others by littering or fly-tipping.

He added: “We encourage residents to report such incidents to us so we can both clear the waste, and monitor the situation if there is a recurring issue at a particular site.”

Fly-tipping can be reported via the Tendring Council’s website at