COLCHESTER Zoo has welcomed another exciting new lockdown arrival.

Late last month one of the attraction's female Soloman Islands skinks gave birth to a single offspring.

Unlike most other reptiles, the Soloman Islands skink, also known as the prehensile-tailed skink, are live-bearers rather than laying eggs.

The female gives birth to one, occasionally two, offspring which can measure between ten and 12 inches at birthday.

A spokesman for Colchester Zoo said: "The youngster will be cared for by the group of skinks within their territory with mum being particularly attentive during the early weeks and months of the youngster’s life which again is quite an unusual trait for a reptile.

"The new arrival has been quite adventurous, happily exploring the whole enclosure on its own already, as well as spending time with mum, our other female and male.

"It will be a while before this youngster will be sexed by its keepers but we will be sure to update you in the near future."