A COUNCILLOR has hit out at the driver of a van which got stuck under a notorious underpass saying he had “no sympathy” for him.

Cox’s Hill was partially blocked after a van got stuck under the railway bridge at Manningtree Station on Tuesday at 10.40am.

An Essex Police spokesman said while the van was wedged and traffic delayed, no-one was injured.

The route is the main road through between Manningtree and Brantham and has been blocked several times when high vehicles have tried and failed to get under the bridge.

Signs have been put up giving the height of the bridge and traffic can also go over the bridge when the level crossing is open.

Manningtree county councillor Carlo Guglielmi described the recent failed attempt to get under the bridge as “complete idiocy”.

He said: “They can see the signs and they should know better not to tackle the underpass when the vehicle is higher.

“But we still have idiots like this on our roads.

“The height of the bridge is clear and if they don’t take notice of it, they should be fined.

“I’ve got no sympathy whatsoever for people who ignore the signage.

“They are reckless drivers who need to take on a new driving lesson to learn how to drive again.

“The driver of the van should be made to pay if there’s any damage to the underpass.”

Mr Guglielmi, who has been a long-time campaigner to upgrade the underpass, said the situation is under “constant review”.

Part of Mr Guglielmi’s plan is to replace the controversial priority system with traffic lights as the underpass is only wide enough for one vehicle.

He said: “There’s a lot of thought and planning going into the plans.

“There will be review of signage and some measures will be put in place to address the safety of pedestrians as currently you can’t pass the road without the risk of being run over.”

Mr Guglielmi said the plan is to attach a steel frame to land next to the station and attach a traffic light to it, and put cables on the wall of the underpass as it is impossible to dig up the road.

The lights and their installation is expected to cost between £150,000 and £200,000.

British Transport Police spokesman said they were called at 11.47am on Tuesday following a report of the vehicle hitting the railway bridge.

He said: “The rail operator has been informed and the bridge will be examined for damage.”