THREE retired teachers, who died within months of each other, will be remembered with respect and affection.

Lilian Yarrow, Jean Campbell and Jean Ruddock, who were former teachers at Chase Lane Primary School, Dovercourt, have died.

The trio were long-time friends, who were all born in 1934 within three weeks of each other, and celebrated their birthdays together as teachers and in retirement.

Mrs Yarrow worked at Chase Lane Primary School between 1970 and 1980 as a reception teacher.

Over the decades she worked on and off at the school, and All Saints Primary School, in Dovercourt, while raising her four children.

In the past year she was living in a care home in Berkshire, as she had dementia. She was diagnosed with coronavirus and died on May 3 at the age of 86.

Her daughter Cathy Yarrow said: “My mum was a powerhouse of love. She was really a true Christian lady and the church was important to her.”

Mrs Yarrow was treasurer and church warden for St Michael’s Church, Ramsey.

Ms Yarrow added: “She taught many people over the years in Harwich and was a real pillar for the community.

“Mum was a lovely person and was well thought of. Everyone who knew her loved her.”

Mrs Campbell died on March 14 following pneumonia and other underlying health problems, just before her 86th birthday.

Her first profession was as a nurse before she got her first teaching post at Chase Lane Primary School in 1968.

She later became deputy headteacher and worked at the school until she retired in 1992.

In her retirement she was closely involved with embroidery and helped launched the Harwich Millennium Tapestry, and was a member of the Embroiderers’ Guild.

Her work was shown in exhibitions in Colchester, and she even displayed her work to the Queen during a royal visit to Harwich in 2001.

Debs Warren, one of her daughters, said: “My mum will be remembered for all her teaching and lovely embroidery.

“The children loved her and some of her former pupils helped her move to Hadleigh from Dovercourt in recent years.”

Mrs Warren said her mum remained friends with Mrs Ruddock and Mrs Yarrow throughout the years.

“They used to have their birthdays together as they were born so close together,” she added.

Mrs Ruddock, who died on March 3 following health complications, was head of infants at Chase Lane Primary School.

She worked at the school for more than 24 years.

She was also an accomplished bowler and enjoyed visiting relatives overseas.

Jill Riches, a member of Chase Lane Old Girls, used to teach at the school.

She said: “Strangely the three teachers were all born in 1934, within three weeks of each other and died within two months of each other in 2020.

“I am sure that many pupils and parents will remember the contribution they each made to the education of so many young people over the years.

“They will be remembered with respect and affection.”