LIFEBOAT volunteers were paged after concerns had been raised about a possible person in the water.

Harwich RNLI volunteers launched the inshore lifeboat to Felixstowe pier at about 6.20pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

On arrival, the crew carried out a search along the length of the pier.

The search was stood down a while later without a person being found, and with no reports to suggest a person was unaccounted for at that time.

A black object in the water was later recovered by Felixstowe's Coastguard Rescue Team and moved to a safe place to prevent further calls.

The initial call had been made with good intent.

Harwich RNLI’s lifeboat press officer Daniel Sime said: "Thankfully on this occasion, a person was not in difficulty, but the call was made with very good intent and we would like to stress the importance of making such a call.

"If you see somebody that you think is in difficulty in the sea or our rivers, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

"In these difficult times, some beaches that would usually have lifeguard cover, currently do not have the cover in place, but a call to the Coastguard will result in search and rescue assets being tasked, including the RNLI’s lifeboats that continue to be available 24/7.

"In the continuing good weather, please look out for each other, stay safe, follow safety guidance, and of course continue to follow the distancing guidance to help save lives."