AN autistic artist has warmed the hearts of residents with a seafront mural and poem which pays tribute to brave frontline workers battling coronavirus.

Tyler St George, 24, from Clacton, who has sensory issues, is a registered volunteer for Help For Heroes and previously worked as a carer for two years.

The budding Picasso usually attends the Bright Lives day centre in Colchester where he says drawing and painting sessions help to calm him down and relax his mind.

Since he was young, Tyler has also loved writing poetry, which better helps him to communicate his feelings - something he can otherwise find difficult to do.

He has now combined his two passions and produced a touching artwork which is located on the Clacton promenade and has garnered a positive reaction from people.


The piece, which was done in acrylic paint, features a Union Jack flag alongside a poem designed to honour the inspiring efforts of all types of frontline workers.

“It isn’t just for the NHS, it is about everyone who is a keyworker, like my dad who is a pizza delivery driver, and my mum, who works in a petrol station,” he said.

“I also did it for the parents with kids who are off school, who are struggling at work every day, as well as small business, supermarket staff, cleaners and charities.

“Every day people don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve, like the NHS and emergency workers do, so it is about the unsung, working class heroes.”

Since painting his mural, Tyler’s artwork has been snapped by walkers and published on social media, where it has been praised by the public.

Tyler is, of course, pleased with the recognition his piece has received, and is delighted to see it striking a chord with so many people in the area.

“It took me hours to do, and I only did it with small paintbrushes, but I find it beautiful and comforting that when people see it, they can identify themselves within in it,” he added.

“I like doing stuff like this when I am bored, but I have to be inspired - sometimes I just get it in my head, and I have to write it down otherwise it is not good.

“Seeing the positivity has made me feel so proud because I am a young man with autism and I have a younger head for my age, but it doesn’t make me any less.”