SEVEN-year-old Isla Crowe from Colchester is the latest youngster to take part in our Young Writers lockdown initiative.

We have been asking children to create a story, a poem or write a diary entry about the lockdown and how it has affected them.

Isla has written a story where she describes how she has been coping with the restrictions.

She writes: “Isla’s life had changed. She was sad because... no more brownies, no more swimming and no more fun! Everyone had to stay at home, it was called Lockdown.

“Isla was feeling quite sad at times but mostly quite happy. There were some great things about lockdown though. There was more time to spend with family, learn at home and have fun with her younger brother James in the garden.

“Even though lockdown had positives, Isla really hoped that the scary Covid 19 would go away very, very soon.”

Great work Isla! If your child wants to send in a lockdown story or picture email