A SHOPPING centre has rewarded community champions for the acts of kindness, hard work and community spirit they have shown during the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, the Culver Square shopping centre in Colchester asked members of the community to nominate people they felt deserved a reward for their unfaltering actions during these unprecedented times.

Seven people were selected to receive a gift to show them how much their friends, family and the community appreciates their kindness and dedication.

The list of honoured community heroes includes 11-year-old Daniele Eyre, a young carer for her mum who suffers from epilepsy.

“She is an amazing young lady and makes her family very proud,” her nominator said.

Gazette: Brave - Daniele Eyre, 11, is caring for her ill motherBrave - Daniele Eyre, 11, is caring for her ill mother

Katie Osbourne, who will also be awarded, has returned early from her maternity leave so she could assist as a nurse on the Covid wards at Colchester Hospital.

This meant he had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave her 11-month-old baby and three-year old son with her parents to keep them safe until this outbreak is over.

Gazette: Sacrifice - Katie Osbourne made the ultimate sacrifice to work during pandemicSacrifice - Katie Osbourne made the ultimate sacrifice to work during pandemic

George Johnson has been selected for volunteering at Go4 Cafe, helping to collect and deliver food and necessities to those in need as well as looking after his family who is isolating.

He is also registered with the GoodSam app as an NHS volunteer and helps people to get their medication.

Gazette: George JohnsonGeorge Johnson

On top of this, he has been running fortnightly quizzes to raise money for good causes such as Colchester food bank and Colchester Zoo.

Adam Locke has been nominated by his mum and dad who spoke of their pride.

Adam works at Colchester Hospital and has continued to do so throughout the coronavirus outbreak, despite having Aspergers Syndrome, which causes him to be anxious.

Gazette: Adam LockeAdam Locke

Emma Lynn is an occupational therapist at Colchester Hospital, who “takes wonderful care of the patients” and organises fundraising activities for those who stay on the wards.

Gazette: Emma LynnEmma Lynn

Sisters April Moles and Stephanie Welch have nominated each other for working extremely hard on the frontline.

Gazette: Stephanie WelchStephanie Welch

Stephanie is a care and support assistant with Swan Care and April is an operating department practitioner for the endoscopy department at Colchester Hospital.

Gazette: April Moles April Moles

Last but not least, Wendy Spinks has been selected as she has been hand-making scrubs for all staff members at a care home where her mother is a resident.

Gazette: Wendy SpinksWendy Spinks

Shopping centre manager Dave Robertson said: “We have really enjoyed hearing about how exceptional these members of our community are and it has been a great honour to work with their friends and family to select gifts that are tailored to their favourite things.”

Each of the selected winners has received tailor made gifts.

Mental Health Awareness Week, which took place earlier this month, has been celebrating the thousands of acts of kindness which are so important to good mental health.

Now more than ever, it is important we rediscover kindness in our daily lives.

To find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week visit culversquare.co.uk/why-kindness.