A COMMUNITY initiative to provide residents with emergency support during the coronavirus outbreak has been launched in Great Oakley.

The Great Oakley Community Care Initiative was set up by a group of local volunteers on March 20, this year, to provide the village residents with support to meet the Covid-19 crisis.

A dedicated help line service was introduced to provide vital supplies of food, prescriptions, signposting information and regular contact.

An army of local volunteers registered their services and as a result the group has been able to expand its service area to incorporate the two neighbouring parishes of Little Oakley and Wix.

A spokesman for the group said: "It has been astonishing at the level of community spirit and desire to be involved, we are determined to continue on with this initiative when life returns to some sort of normality.

"As rural communities we know how people can feel isolated; especially those on low incomes, with limited mobility and with poor links and facilities."

Tendring Council provided the group with £1,000, which was allocated by district councillor Mike Bush, member for The Oakleys and Wix Ward.

The group has also gratefully recieved donations from residents and local businesses.

He added: "As a result we have been able to distribute rice and eggs across our villages to local residents, care homes and to those who provide hot meals to NHS front line staff.

"Our VE day celebrations included delivering VE celebration food boxes to provide selected residents with a variety of essential food items and a few well deserved treats during this difficult time."