A JOYOUS and lively guitar band who never fail to coax a smile out of any eyes and ears they play in front of have released their brand-new single.

SuperGlu, comprised of brothers and guitarists Ben and Alex Brown, bassist Krista Lynch, and drummer Ben Ward, have dropped their latest track, Soil.

The quirky and all round infectiously fun four-piece, who hail from the tiny town of Manningtree, have enjoyed an emphatic rise since their formation in 2015 and the subsequent release of debut single, Diving Bell.

Coveted slots at SXSW in Texas and Reading Festival, for example, have come hand in hand with priceless airplay on the likes of Radio 1 and Radio X.

They have even supported Scottish rock band Twin Atlantic and Golden Brown hit makers The Stranglers.

But in recent years, the triumphant punk-pop quartet have been somewhat more allusive, which has unfortunately left a giant SuperGlu shaped hole in both the live circuit and the playlists of music lovers.

Soil, for example, comes six months after the release of Forever Endeavour, which also came following a two-year hiatus.

But, if ever there was a time for the quartet to properly return, and return for good, it would be now, when their soundtrack of escapism is exactly what is needed to help us navigate through these dark times.

Fittingly, the message of escapism and bravery is exactly what Soil lyrically delivers, alongside the band’s usual use of tongue-in-cheek wit, of course.

“Soil is a song about sneaking out the back door and running for your life,” said a spokesman for the band.

“Making a change and moving on – as long as you keep moving - you cannot be caught.

“Our seemingly lofty musical aspirations are effortlessly undermined by a grinning cocksure guitar solo.”

The animated music video is also as captivating, left-field and somewhat unpredictable as the single itself.

Through an even mixture of comedy and horror, the accompanying visual, produced by Studio Goblin, intently illustrates the meaning of the song.

Depicting two cartoon protagonists, the unique video sees the pair attempting to make their escape from a collapsing home, in addition to a seemingly malevolent pursuer.

Soil, which was funded by the PRS Foundation, is available to stream and download now and has been released via Don’t Try and Antigen Records.

The track’s exclusive seven-inch vinyl release of the single can also now be ordered via Flying Vinyl.

To listen to Soil now click here. 

To find out more about SuperGlu head over to Facebook/supergluband.