AN AWARD-winning Essex community choir has thanked NHS staff after releasing a virtual performance.

The Funky Voices community choir, which is based in Colchester, has been wowing the county since 2007 and to date has more than 800 singers.

The group has community choirs all across Essex.

However, due to the coronavirus, members haven’t been able to get together and perform the music they love.

Now, in a heartfelt message to hardworking NHS staff, the choir have come together to literally sing the praises of our guardian angels... virtually.

More than 200 members of the choir took part in a video chat together singing an altered version of Queen’s iconic We Will Rock You instead singing We Will Thank You to support the NHS Charities Together appeal.

Funky Voices founder and musical director Sandra Colston said:”As soon as the social distancing was announced I knew it was important to try and keep the choir together.

“By the time the country had gone into lockdown, we were successfully holding our choir rehearsals online, creating a bespoke studio so that all our members can tune in.

“Every Thursday we pause at 8pm too to applaud all the key workers and show our appreciation.

“When I saw that the NHS Charities Together were teaming up with ITV for the Million Claps Appeal to raise money for the health service, I thought that if we could create a video of our singers, we could send this out over all of our social media to help in raising these vital funds.

“If the video can help boost the total monies raised in any way then I know I speak not only for myself but all my choir singers when I say that we will feel like we have done something to help.

“Also, we would all love it if the NHS workers could see the video and see how thankful we are for all their hard work.”