PLANS for a major new housing development in north Colchester have sparked a storm of protest.

The controversial proposals for more than 200 homes include blocks of flats up to seven-storeys tall on the old Turner Village Hospital site.

The silver-clad apartments have caused a flurry of complaints from people protesting against the development.

One objector said: "The idea that apartment blocks up to seven storeys high will be crammed into that patch of land is, to be honest, ludicrous."

More than 30 people have already protested about the development, which includes affordable housing.

Residents claim it will put unbearable strain on existing services and cause congestion around Colchester General Hospital.

The flats have also been branded an eyesore and there are fears they will overlook other properties, ruining people's privacy.

The development is next to a site earmarked for a new school in Myland.

Northern Approaches Action Group chairman Martin Goss branded the development a "monstrous carbuncle".