A CARE training and PPE company is appealing for the Government to get in touch saying offers of support have fallen on deaf ears.

Training 2Care is based in Earls Colne and provides training for care providers as well as supplying personal protective equipment to care homes, the NHS, councils, businesses, the fire service and the police.

Now the company is offering to help the Government during the coronavirus pandemic by supplying and delivering PPE to care providers across the country.

However, it says the Government has simply not responded.

Managing director Glenn Knight said: “We were the first major training provider to suspend face-to-face or close contact training and therefore when Covid-19 started, we lost £450,000 of orders in 24 hours.

“We changed the business to supply digital face-to-face or webinar training across the UK and this has become successful.

“We now have nine vehicles sitting in our car park that could be delivering vital PPE to care providers across the country for the Government.

“We are willing to do this free of charge including fuel, insurances and drivers who are fully DBS checked.

“We know they have the biggest logistical issue and my view is we need to use the Dunkirk model and get all the small companies which are willing to get these products to where they are needed. We want to lead this campaign but just need the Government to speak to us.”

The company has sold PPE for the past three years but has recently seen a massive price increase due to high demand and a lack of supply.

Mr Knight added: “Customers are constantly phoning us and saying how they are running short of PPE and in some cases they have run out.

“We have sold more than half a million individual products over the past month.”

Braintree MP James Cleverly said: “Training2Care has been in contact and we have made sure they will be contacted if there is a need for extra transport capacity.

“The generosity of local people and local companies has been fantastic and is very much appreciated.”